We’ve Been Punk’d


In a recent post, I mentioned how Robert Kagan, McCain’s advisor, announced adopting the “Jordanian Option” strategy which declares Jordan as the new Palestine, based on a Ammon news source. Well, turns out Ammon is a big fat liar tabloid, basically. While they made their initial story sound credible, their only source was an extreme anti-Jordan blog called “Fellka Israel”, a completely unreliable source. Kagan has denied making such allegations, and even the university, where Kagan had allegedly spoke denied ever having him for a lecture.
Ammon even twisted a story to make it sound as if the King was referring to Kagan’s remarks, while in fact he was just speaking about the general situation in the Middle East. The whole thing is a disgusting publicity stunt to increase their ad revenues, and so far they haven’t bothered to make a retraction or issue a formal apology. From now on, I will not be reading Ammon anymore. I’d rather be reading and quoting Shihan instead.

Here’s the other thing though. Where on earth was our government? How about our embassy in the U.S.? The entire parliament in an uproar denouncing the allegations and furiously condemning them, yet no one bothered to check if the whole thing was true? Till today, no one had made an official statement regarding the whole incident. This makes no sense. Sounds to me like it was a premeditated stunt to distract the country from something. I’m quite the conspiracy theorist as you can see.


One response to “We’ve Been Punk’d

  1. looks like people enjoy reading twisted stories

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