Am I the ONLY One Not Watching Noor?

Seriously. I don’t get the obsession. Is there something wrong with me? Man this is worse than Bab il 7ara.

21 responses to “Am I the ONLY One Not Watching Noor?

  1. NO not only you Me not too

  2. No you’re not. But what’s wrong with Bab el 7ara?

  3. Nothing. I just never watched it.

  4. I never watched both.

  5. Qwaider قويدر

    HAHAHA!!! No you’re not :)I don’t even know what the big deal is anyway! But I guess, girls are melting over Mohannad, makes guys also wanna watch and learn!

  6. LOOL! I never watched Bab el7ara, I used to make use of the silence in the streets to walk… I kept making fun of everyone watching noor, until recently… I joined the club… I am watching an hour of my life daily.. and i can’t stop watching! :pYes qwaider: Men are learning :)and i think Noor is also a very smart woman… I hope women are learning too 🙂

  7. Ya3. I don’t watch it either, they’re all very “lebteen” and their acting sucks ass.

  8. nope you aren’t alone. I actually don’t have TV so I don’t watch anything unless I intentionally put in a DVD.

  9. I don’t really watch any soap operas let alone a Turkish soap dubbed into Arabic. Plus my sisters like it so it can’t be good 🙂

  10. So this is Noor?!Anyway, I don’t too, and I fail to see how/why people watch it!

  11. i had no idea about this show until i came to Amman last week and everyone is watching it!!! so stupid i think! you should be thankful you are not watching it.

  12. I just heard about noor from blogs and news! but i think it may be better to life than the retardness of bab al 7ara

  13. amjad mahfouz

    I didn’t see a single episode, but it must be damn good to have created this fuss.

  14. Muhannad/Mehmet the model is worth watching, I bet you’ll like that. give it a try, I dislike series in such way but this one is good to watch, nothing happens pretty much the whole time but sometimes it is good to enlighten your vision with beauty 🙂

  15. well i was against the series until i sat at home and got bored ad there was nothing to do but to watch noor on three different times a day so i watched an episode and on the day after i had nothing to do as well and i watched another episode so now i call myself a noor watcher though sometimes it just hit on my nerves lol

  16. nope, you’re not the only one! i made it a point not to keep the tv on noor for more than 1.3 seconds. cause that’s how long it takes me to tell that it’s something wellsomething something

  17. I don’t watch this crap!

  18. I HATE IT TOO!!

  19. oki thought bab il 7ara was nice….its just ppl have different tastes… i like spicey stufff u like sweet

  20. i don’t watch noor… my friends eat my head with muhannad and noor, i don’t find any interesting things in the series..

  21. I sometimes watch it in Arabic but don’t understand Arabic. Who is the girl in the wheelchair with the toddler. Is is Muhannad’s kid?

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