We’re Never Going To Be Civil, Are We?

Almost a week after the Tafileh Tech tribal violence, which put the university’s president in the hospital, and involved a party of 16 firing bullets at a former MP’s house, another incident of tribal violence rears it’s ugly head, only this time in Kerak. After a ferocious fight between two families, the parties ended up at the SAME hospital causing the fight to reignite, and about 100 people started using knives, batons (ganwat), sticks and rocks to assault each other. Patients in the hospital had to be taken out for their safety and a lot of damage was done to the hospital’s emergency department. The police eventually controlled the disturbance and took the second batch of injuries to a different hospital this time.

And now the same, old ridiculous play will repeat itself, when “distinguished leaders and academics” of one tribe will ask the other for a truce (most likely forced by someone), and the whole thing ends with no consequences for those who initiated the fight. Not as long as you know a guy who knows a guy. Nobody would have the guts to get in a fight if they didn’t know a bigshot in the first place.

And so the vicious cycle continues. Doesn’t matter how modern we seem, we really still have a mentality from the middle ages.


2 responses to “We’re Never Going To Be Civil, Are We?

  1. Once in a while would be, well, ok, I guess. But when it happens again and again it is sad. And in a hospital. Ya rrab.

  2. Well, It’s not as simple as it looks. If you look at the king’s latest interview he said: Tribes will remain a pillar of stability in our country..So no, not any time soon we will become civilized..

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