Another Victim In the Name of Honor

Authorities are still questioning the family of a minor who allegedly stabbed his older sister to death to cleanse his family’s honour earlier this month, official sources said.

The 23-year-old victim, who was not identified by officials, was stabbed 11 times in the chest, reportedly by her 17-year-old brother at their home on July 3.

The suspect immediately turned himself in to the police claiming to have killed his sister to cleanse the family’s honour because his sister went missing from home for 35 days.

“So far, the only person to be detained is the suspect and the criminal prosecutor has charged him with manslaughter,” an official source told The Jordan Times on Saturday.

The victim was arrested almost a week before her murder, the source said, adding that the governor handed her over to her family on July 3 after her father signed a guarantee that he would not harm his daughter.

The following day, the suspect reportedly stabbed his sister to death after she allegedly informed him she was involved in an affair with a man in the area, according to the source.

A postmortem conducted at the National Institute of Forensic Medicine by pathologist Hani Jahshan indicated that the victim was not involved in any sexual activity.

In his initial testimony to police, the suspect claimed he was sitting alone with his sister in the kitchen discussing her absence from home when she told him that she was “seeing a man”.

“The suspect told interrogators he became enraged and stabbed his sister to death in a moment of rage after hearing her confession,” the source added.

Meanwhile, a second source close to the investigation told The Jordan Times that a pathologist examined the victim shortly after the police found her and she denied being involved in any affair.

“The victim informed examiners that she left home because her family discovered that she owned a mobile phone and she feared their reaction, adding that she stayed at a friend’s house until the authorities found her,” the source explained.

The victim became the eighth woman reportedly murdered in a so-called honour crime in Jordan since the beginning of the year.


I don’t know what to say. I really don’t. Even if the brother is convicted of manslaughter without the use of article 98, the juvenile law would be implemented which allows him to return to society with a clear criminal record after an educational training in some juvenile correctional centre.

I’m so sick of this. I’m disgusted. And I’m ashamed that this happens in MY country. OUR country. And I feel helpless.

What a perverse definition of honor we have.


Note: So did Arabic newspapers just stop reporting honor crimes? There was no mention of this in Alghad.


5 responses to “Another Victim In the Name of Honor

  1. So as seen from this article, the woman wasn’t sexually active, no ‘man’ was involved in the whole issue and basically the woman was killed for owning a mobile phone. Out of curiousity, what is the punishment of a 17 year old accused of murder in the US for example?

  2. I wonder tell when will we keep reading these honor crimes in our newspapers!! Will I still hear about this when i’m 30?! or will our daughters still hear about these stories… I wonder..

  3. i can swear that i read a similar story holding alomst exact same details off somebody else’s blog about a month ago… it seems as if honor killings are just becoming a replicate of one another… this is freaky!!and yes, it’s unfortunate to see these shamleless crimes happen in Jordan in the name of honor!!

  4. Yazan, it depends on the circumstances. If the crime is horrible enough, he will be tried as an adult and no allowances will be made for his relative youth. If not (for example, if he killed a parent in self defense because he’d suffered years of abuse at home), he would probably be sentenced to juvenile detention, get therapy and an education while he was in there, and be released if he can demonstrate that he’s not a threat to others on the outside, maybe by the age of 21 or 25 or something like that.

  5. I dont know, a life of is taken away by honor crime with predetermination to end her, and no one bother, and a life is taken away by a car accident and all Jordanian protest march in consolidation of the lost life, as if lives are not equal, is it a state of discrimination, hypocrisy, or self denial? and yes some get bored from writting about such repetitive crimes, as if it means we only write about intersting things and it is only usual to kill some girls where we live. I hope you wont give up.

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