Downtown Concert Shootings

What’s this about??!

An unidentified gunman shot and injured at least six musicians on Wednesday after a concert in the capital before committing suicide, security officials said.

They said the incident took place after a performance by the Amman symphony orchestra with a Lebanese choir at the Roman amphitheatre in the congested downtown area of the capital.

The gunman shot himself in the head after being chased, one witness said.

The musicians’ injuries were mostly light to moderate although one was seriously hurt, a security official said.


The event was “An Opera Night Under the Stars”, a concert by the Amman Symphony Orchestra and the Choir of the Holy Spirit University from Lebanon. Hmmm.

Stupid people ruining our image AND our tourism. This is the fourth attack on tourists in the last two years. This may be an isolated incident, but there’s some mentality behind it.

I think it’s about time we outlawed possession of guns.

Here are more links for further information.


2 responses to “Downtown Concert Shootings

  1. Owning a gun is not an easy thing. There is a black market, and most likely this gun was purchased through illegal means. Also, the process of owning a gun legally is not an easy one.Allah yjeeb el3awageb saleemeh.You can’t have preachers calling for the killing of infidels day and night while expecting that everything will be ok. Extremism is being overtolerated in jordan, they are walking free and preaching violence in every corner of every jordanian city.

  2. Mohanned, thank you for making that point. When I hear what is preached in mosques, as an American Christian I get fearful.Maybe I am just a whiney whitey, but why is no one talking about the fact this could have been religiously motivated violence?Where is the outrage over hate speech and inciting violence against Christians coming from mosques?? One blogger told me his grandmother mentioned Jordan today is much like Armenia was before the genocide.

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