Off to Germany!

Tomorrow morning I’ll be leaving to Germany, where I will be taking part in a language course until August 30th. I’ll be staying in Bremen (circled red in the map below), a city in Northwest Germany. I hope I will be able to blog from there, but I’m not sure as to the Internet access there as of yet. Let’s hope there will be so I don’t go into withdrawal symptoms and die.
Auf Wiedersehen!


7 responses to “Off to Germany!

  1. “Viel Glück!” Farah. I look forward to your posts from Germany!

  2. Farah, good for you that you are making such effort to learn a foreign language. That is great. I hear Mainz is beautiful this time of the year. Visit it if you get a chance. And if you do, I would be more than happy to put you in touch with some wonderful german friends of mine who live there. Good luck again!

  3. How luckyyyyyyy!!! I wanna do that too, but money talks :S

  4. The Observer

    Have a nice trip 🙂

  5. guuden luck

  6. good luck farah:)ur university is really into exchange programs! let them give us some!

  7. Enjoy 😉

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