Now That’s What I Call Irony

Check this. Did they call for an ambulance for the ambulance? Hmmm….


2 responses to “Now That’s What I Call Irony

  1. A few years ago I was driving in Naur and a speeding cab flew by me. I knew there was a traffic light ahead and wondered if he’d make it. Although he accelerated, he wasn’t going to catch the green light, and as it turned orange, red, he slowed and stopped. I was impressed and was thankful he didn’t push his luck and that of others. As I neared the light in the lane next to him, I looked in my rear view and saw an ambulance speeding. And in a flash of a second passed by me and rear ended the cab, who was stopped at the red light. It was a ridiculous accident. Especially that there was no one in the ambulance and no reason for his rush. Just carelessness and a bit of stupidity. No one was hurt.

  2. Good thing no one was hurt, but really just leave it to us to be stupid when it comes to car accidents!

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