Here We Go Again!

The past week, head of the Royal Court, the very controversial Bassem Awadallah was once again under attack, this time for his alleged involvement in a human trafficking case that led to a lawsuit. I say once again because back in May, Awadallah was also viciously attacked by Parliament member Nariman Roussan for the land sales issue, who went as far as to compare him to Israeli spy Eli Cohen. And well, if you thought she won’t be making another appearance amidst the chaos, you were highly mistaken.
This time, Roussan had questions for the government regarding an Independence day celebration that was aired on Jordan television. Apparently she is angry over cameras’ focus on Awadallah during the event, and also because she’s wasn’t shown on television while greeting the King. The government sent her a detailed response saying that the cameras’ positions are not determined on who will be standing in front of them, and that while a number of attendees (including Roussan) were coming in, one of the cameras encountered an error, which is why she wasn’t shown on television. But she remains unconvinced.
Following what happened with writer Nahed Hattar, she may want to consider toning down her attacks on Awadallah a bit. See in the same week Hattar went on TV and attacked Awadallah, he also “resigned” from his post at a bank, stopped writing in his column in the newspaper and then suffered a health crisis that put him in the hospital. One of the commentators suggested that next news piece will read “Roussan suffers unfortunate car accident”!
You gotta love Jordanian politics.

4 responses to “Here We Go Again!

  1. It’s like the Soprano’s only real and more serious.

  2. Just get off the back of the man who is working day and night to offer you a better living and modernise your rotten poor country .A country of cheap beduin idiots .

  3. i wanted to post about this after reading that article in ammoun but im just so sick of it all. her argument is basically a complaint as to why they didn’t give her enough air-time.

  4. Good words.

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