Just Who the Hell Is Joe the Plumber?

So the press seems to be smitten with this “Joe the Plumber” guy, who’s apparently been mentioned by Obama and McCain a multitude of times. Check out this Jon Stewart video!

So who is he? He’s your average American who when encountered Obama, asked him about and criticized his tax-plan. Enjoy your 15 minutes of fame, Joe.

3 responses to “Just Who the Hell Is Joe the Plumber?

  1. Qwaider قويدر

    Just a stupid redneck who knows jack about taxes or how they work. He turned out to actually have more money under the Obama plan than under McCain.If a plumper is making in excess of 250k/year. Then school is the biggest waste of time EVER!

  2. That stupid redneck actually does reflect knowledge about the perils of running an S corporation under the proposed Obama tax plan.Moreover, Obama made it clear in his reply to Wurzelbacher that he was talking about taxing REVENUES and not income.Those who know jack about taxes, S corporations and what it takes to run a plumbing business understand just how easy it is to haul down 250k a year, provided they’re also willing to spend $200k of that on salaries, accounting, tools, supplies and other operational costs.Then again, what do I know as I’m only a programmer related to a brother is a plumber. In fact, he was the guy who worked on fixtures in the Potomac/Bethesda home of the late King Hussein bin Talal (May God grant that his soul rest in peace).

  3. hey smart one have you ever had to call a plumber it is expensive stuff and they make a hell of a lot I know plumbers that dont even own their own business and they pull like 150k a year

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