What’s On My Mind This Week

  • I’m pretty shocked that police in Jordan are actually setting traps to arrest alleged homosexuals. According to “sources”, this crackdown is to prevent the increasing numbers of gays, whose number is approximately 600, from spreading STDs. Where they obtained such a number is beyond me. Now I’m not campaigning for LGBT over here, but i find this inhumane and stupid, especially when they put it under the excuse of “preventing STD spread”. You want to prevent STDs? Make sex education a part of highschool curricula. The way I see it, this “campaign” is just to win easy points with the public.

  • I can’t believe Jordan is one of the four water-poorest countries in the world. We sure don’t act like it. We use water like we have an infinite supply of it. Just observe the streams of soapy water running down the streets from people hosing down their cars every morning. It’s ridiculous.
  • 17 honor crimes have occurred to this day since the start of 2008. Four only this month.

  • I love the cold weather. Despite the fact that people sort of freak out and the streets become crazy from the combination of stupid drivers and a practically non-existent drainage system. I love the rain, the jackets, the scarves, the blankets. It’s all very cosy. I even don’t mind being cold. But I don’t understand why only my right hand gets cold, mostly when I’m working on the computer. I’m right-handed, so if anything, shouldn’t it be my left hand that gets cold? So every 20 minutes or so i go to the kitchen and stand over the stove for a minute, till my hand gets warm, after which i resume my computer session.

  • Cups and kilos is an awesome place. Even though I’ve been introduced to it fairly recently, like 2 months ago, I’ve been an addict ever since. I especially like any banana-flavoured drinks they have. Last week they had a concert featuring college students playing cover songs and jazz tunes, it was really nice. A friend of mine has been going to the same Cups and Kilos branch for 25 consecutive days now!
  • I’ve been a terrible blogger and I know it. I’m feeling pretty guilty about it, and I’ve been kicking myself for it especially since toot added a new bunch of bloggers about a week ago. It’s that i can’t seem to get back to the blogger mode I was in when I first started this blog. That’s when you automatically start writing posts in your head and start categorizing everything into bloggable or non-bloggable. Hmmmmph.

And now that my right-hand has become cold again, I’m going to go.


13 responses to “What’s On My Mind This Week

  1. Zait o Za3tar

    must be that you are shutting the blood supply to your arm… are you sitting properly on your computer?? 🙂

  2. Hahaha well I work on a laptop so I don’t think that’s it.

  3. “We sure don’t act like it. We use water like there’s no tomorrow. You see streams of soapy water running down the streets from people hosing down their cars every morning. “Trust me it’s a completely different scene in the villages. There have been a handful of times over the summer when I had no choice but to take mini showers using a large bottle of water (or 2) from the dukana.

  4. Qwaider قويدر

    Emmm, Who’s the genius that invented a homosexual trap? What do they use in it instead of cheese?Last time I checked, homosexuality isn’t really a crimeis it?

  5. Missed your posts, especially with so many quality bloggers falling like flies off the bandwagon.I’ve noticed a preponderance of police, I thought they were giving out traffic tickets. I thanked one of them :)I spoke with a man at the German version of USAID (GTZ?)who mentioned that if Ammani women could train their gardeners, harrises and domestic workers to stop using water as if we had a Nile or ocean nearby, we’d make some progress. Sheesh

  6. Qwaider, technically no. According to wikipedia “the criminal code makes no explicit distinction between private, adult and consensual heterosexual and homosexual relationships”.

  7. Abdallah Haj Abed

    yaaay im that friend… I recommend Cups and Kilos :P27days now!

  8. I don’t think there’s any law against homosexuality in Jordan, and I don’t see it happening anytime soon. The government is doing something they’ve always been very good at: doing one thing semi-secretively while pretending to be much more liberal on the international level.

  9. the blogging thing…happens when i’m away from a computer for a weekend or during a trip. it eventually comes back to you

  10. ahmad dark 1987

    if any one is muslim here you should no homosexuality is forbidden in it so what ever the way our government fights them then go for it governmnet. the dead sea is one of the freatest examples of what allah did to homosexual for me they should be treated like this

  11. a7mad, thank you for illustrating my “winning points with the public” point.

  12. BANANA?

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