Patriotism or Pretention?

Today, in commemoration of the 9/11 attacks, my university had planned to observe a minute silence outside the university building. But what was intended as a respectful ceremony to pay homage to the victims seemed to have turned into spectacle of festivities. From students dancing dabkeh to the songs of Omar Al Abdallat on car speakers to the loud and sudden chants of ya3eesh jalalat il malak il mo3atham (long live his majesty the king).
Now I have nothing against pledging allegiance to your country, heck I listen to the same songs on Mohammad il Wakeel’s show in the car whenever I have early classes (better than coffee to wake you up… well, almost.) But I wonder if this public display of chants and patriotic slogans is genuine, or is it just another show for us to sing and shout at? I wonder if the same people wearing their hattas oh so proudly wouldn’t toss it away in the blink of an eye for a chance to move to the US let’s say. I’m not one to judge here, but I think there’s more to patriotism than chants and songs.
It bugged me how a sad memory was made into a parade.

2 responses to “Patriotism or Pretention?

  1. I think we need to link patriotism with volunteerism. If you love your country, serve it. Anything else, from posting cheap photos to waving a 1 JD flag to blasting the car stereo whenever Abdellat signs to shouting nationalist slogans at others is cheap, worthless za3raneh.

  2. Well I won’t say that its pretention and be judgmental [though it seems half the country is full of pretenders, whether it be pretending patriots or other things], but lots do pretend; not everyone has that much patriotism about Jordan [no comments on why], but it is a glare-magnet when you say “no I don’t really care enough, life goes on”, or if you say anything that opposes the other people [herd].And if you noticed, they were just asking people around like it’s a game at some point “hey man did you sign? get over here! Heh heh”A bit sad really. Do it when you mean it, or don’t effing do it bidoon nafs [unwillingly] for other people not to shoot you [lool sorry I had to say that]I think it got to a level where people just can’t wait to find something to do/talk about/use to get outta lectures. And it’s more insulting than useful.But I commend the real supporters.(hi farah! ^_^)

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