This Vacation’s To-Do-List!

I finished my morning lectures a while ago, and my vacation has officially started. While I look forward to a 10 day vacation just like any other normal person, I’m kind of dreading the whole spending time with your family thing. Don’t get me wrong, I love my family and everything, but 10 days of family time? No, thank you! (at this point I kinda wish my parents didn’t know of this blog, but oh well.)
So anyway I made this list of stuff to do over the vacation. I make to-do-lists all the time, even though I almost never do anything I had planned to do, but I feel like I need to have a list. This vacation’s list includes:

  • Finish reading the Divine Comedy. I’ve been meaning to read it for quite some time now and so I downloaded the story version along with the the poem, since it’s easier to follow. It includes Gustav Dore’s illustrations which are just fascinating.
  • Finish 1984 by George Orwell or at least get back to reading it. I started reading it back in June, but I only finished like 30 pages and then forgot about it. I’m not a very good reader I admit it, I’m very easily distracted.
  • Put up the Christmas tree! Although I absolutely hate New Year’s (something about the pressure of having to make resolution and new starts), I love Christmas time, and I get very excited about putting up the tree and watching the Christmas movies and making the cookies! But the weather has got to stop being sunny and warm. Start raining! We’re in December!
  • Watch a lot of TV. And I mean a lot. Maybe have a Gilmore Girls marathon with a couple of friends.
  • Crash my friends’ houses for Eid treats 😀
  • See if I can sign up for some activity with Cycling Jordan or Terhaal or something, seeing as I’m a member in their facebook groups and they send me messages each week about the activities they’re offering but I always delete them because I think I never have the time.
  • Finish the multitude of assignments I have to get done, which I just know I’m going to end up doing on the very last day. My procrastination habits will never die.
  • Blog a little more often perhaps :$
So what will you be doing this vacation?

2 responses to “This Vacation’s To-Do-List!

  1. Abdallah Haj Abed

    Well for me I’ll be expecting some friends for eid 😛 and I want to practice guitar and study applied math

  2. I’ll have a similar post as soon as I finish finals…..I had reading, activity, and watch entire show seasons on my list but I now have some unforeseen complications that I’ll have to deal with so I’m bumping the TV out.If you’re into guilty pleasure reading may I recommend the Twilight series! Purely addicting.

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