On Ghaza

“There is only one difference between the attacks between Israel’s IDF forces and Hamas’s rocket launches: Israel’s are effective. Both sides fired rockets/missiles into regions populated by civilians. Both sides claim their opponent’s civilians to be legitimate targets because of their support for their respective regimes. Hamas fires 20-90 kg unguided rockets. Israel fires Air-to-Ground precision guided missiles in the 130-150 kg range. It should not be surprising that one side produces an irritant while the other produces death and destruction.”

Israel Versus Gaza: A Ridiculous War Dictated by a Lack of Alternatives

And while over 200 Palestinians are dead and over 400 injured, you got Israel vowing to expand the attacks and Washington calling on Hamas to stop the rocket attacks, attacks that are so inaccurate and so ineffective that sometimes end up killing the Palestinians themselves, but are being used as an excuse for the Ghaza attacks. The Israelis come off looking as poor and helpless, and that all they’re doing is defending their people. How many more people must die in the name of this power struggle?


5 responses to “On Ghaza

  1. You put it the right way. It is a power struggle!

  2. People (especially extremists) believe that Hammas is so holy and glorious. But the fact is that if Hammas actually gave a fuck about Palestinians living in the Gaza strip they would stop giving Israel a legitimate excuse (according to international law) to attack and kill civilians. For fucks sake!

  3. Well put.It is a power struggle and they both are just trying to show the other as a bad person, it seems like they all just got caught in the power-mongering game and are just screwing everyone who is being peaceful.It’s like everyone got dragged along into this unwillingly, and BOTH sides are holding the people hostages, each trying to blame the other.hope that made sense.[Hello toiger :)]

  4. Hi Farah: I actually wrote the original article and both appreciate your posting and agree with your comment with one caveat. You call it a power struggle but that implies there is some sort of equal match up. I would hardly consider an elephant stomping on a mouse a power struggle.I wrote a follow up this morning and I believe the solution has to rest in the hands of the Ghazans as they are the ones being stomped.You state in your “about” that if you settle for what they are giving you, you deserve what you get. I would add that if you never settle for anything you end up with nothing.

  5. Mr. Ross, thank you for your comment. Of course the two sides in the equation here are not equal, as you described it, it is like an elephant stomping on a mouse.”You state in your “about” that if you settle for what they are giving you, you deserve what you get. I would add that if you never settle for anything you end up with nothing.” I completely agree…

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