How You Can Help Gaza

The folks at 7iber and Action Committe are organizing a drive to help out the people in Gaza. So if you’ve been watching the news the last couple of days, and are feeling frustrated and helpless and would like to do something, here’s your chance:

Drop off clothes (specifically blankets and jackets) that are in good condition or canned goods (except meats) at Cozmo or Books@Cafe tomorrow, December 30th between 6.30 and 8.30 PM. Try and package your donations in boxes or at least double-bag them. They will be delivered to the Hashemite Charity Commission, which is the only convoy allowed to cross the border this week. Here’s the link for the facebook event.

Also if you’re looking to give blood (which is in demand right now), you can go to the places mentioned in the list below.

– National Blood Bank branch, behind the Khaldi Hospital, just off the Fourth Circle
– University of Jordan Hospital, contact: 00962788607870

Full details at the Black Iris.


2 responses to “How You Can Help Gaza

  1. Filastiin al 7urra

    I f I live in FInland, how i can help Gaza people? I am 13 year old Libyan.

  2. Filastiin, I couldn’t find a lot of information but I found this You can try contacting the numbers for helpful information, I suppose.

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