Where’s That Judicial Reform?

I wanna scream bloody murder at this point.

“A 19-year-old man walked free from the Criminal Court on Wednesday after receiving a six-month prison term for murdering his sister and her alleged Syrian lover in Azraq last year.

The defendant was released as he had already served over six months while on trial.

The court declared A. F., a shepherd, guilty of shooting to death his 23-year-old sister and the 17-year-old Syrian after spotting them walking together in the early hours of March 8, 2008.

The same court acquitted the defendant’s two cousins, aged 31 and 33, of complicity
in murder charges for lack of evidence.”


Ma 3aleina. We’ve seen a lot more shocking crimes than this. Plus the details or the motives are pretty much irrelevant during the actual trial. “Ah, you murdered your sister, you say? To reclaim your honor? No problem! Acquitted!”
But you see this is what’s making me fly over the cookoo’s nest here:

The court decided to amend the premeditated murder charges to a misdemeanour as stipulated in Article 98 of the Penal Code, because the defendant “committed his crime in a moment of rage”.

Constitutionally, the fit of fury crap piece of law should only be used in cases which are NOT PREMEDITATED. Hear that? Not freaking meditated, as in not previously planned, as in saw something, happened to have a weapon at hand then INSTANTLY committed a murder.

But from yesterday’s Alghad story:

وأوضح ان المتهم الأول اتصل بأبناء عمومته المتهمين الثاني والثالث وأخبرهما بالأمر، حيث اتفقوا على أخذ أسلحة نارية والبحث عن المغدورين وقتلهما فور العثورعليهما.

وتابع القرار أن المتهمين خرجوا بواسطة سيارة “بكب” يعود للمتهم الثاني وبعد البحث عثروا على المغدور داخل محمية الشومري، حيث قاموا بوضعه في صندوق الـ”بكب” وأجبروه على دلالتهم على مكان المغدورة، وعندما وصلوا اليها أشهروا جميعاً أسلحة نارية غير مرخصة وبدأوا بإطلاق النار على المغدورين الى أن أردوهما قتيلين.

The suspect called his two cousins, and they agreed to take firearms, look for the two victims and kill them when they find them.

The three defendants took a pickup truck and found the victim in Al-Shomari Reserve, put him in the trunk and forced him to disclose the female victim’s location. When they found her, they drew their unlicensed guns and shot them dead.
This is not premeditated?

THIS IS YOUR JUDICIAL SYSTEM? These are the people entrusted to ensure JUSTICE? Is this JUSTICE?
I swear I am pretty close to committing a crime “in a fit of fury” over this.

Where’s your judicial reform, Jordan…?

6 responses to “Where’s That Judicial Reform?

  1. that really is shocking and even if the murderer was experiencing a prolonged fit of range then the cousins most definatley should be charged as they aided him and did not calm him down!its actually beyond belief

  2. The good news is that as long as it was committed in a fit of rage and to protect your honor (couldn’t you claim that these fellows have impugned Jordan’s honor and you are merely reclaiming your family’s honor?) you’d get off… 🙂 Sad isn’t it?

  3. Loolt, I know, it doesn’t make sense whichever way you look at it. Unbelievable.MommaBean, I have half a mind to try it. Ugh.

  4. Yea, MB, when can we start suing them for dishonoring the reputation of the nation of Jordan?

  5. yes, I would like to take a gun and kill all these crazy drivers and say that I did it in a fit of fury! The only glimmer of light (and a small one at that) is that the prosecutor did charge him with murder. In every country there are degrees of murder but this should have been murder one. These judges are just giving licence to young men to kill their women folk when they feel like it. So depressing. T

  6. who are we kidding?bala judicial form bala battee5f*** them all honestly

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