A Thought

Just like we wouldn’t label a child as liberal or conservative, democrat or republican, shouldn’t we, by the same logic, refrain from labeling children as Muslim, Christian or Jewish? If they are too young to understand politics, aren’t they just as young to understand religion? You could argue that while politics is something one would choose, religion is not. But shouldn’t religion, something that determines one’s way of life, be taken out of conviction and not by inheritance?

I’m not looking to start a discussion on religions here, I am merely pointing out the absurdity in labeling children of a certain religion, or in teaching them JUST their parents’ religion.


8 responses to “A Thought

  1. I know this is not my culture, but I have always looked at faith as something you choose out of conviction.

  2. Absolutely agree. I think this labelling is so wrong. Children should be children and friends and companions whatever religion they are. It is just devisive to make children feel different.

  3. Very interesting thought Farah, I agree.

  4. Hi, interesting post. Well without going into a discussion as you said, faith, in more ways than one, is considered an important part of “Identity”, so the brain teaser would be exploring why it is, why it’s more dominant with certain religions, and how it evolved into becoming an integral part of both the individual, and collective identites of people in certain times and places, and was reduced from that role in both the individual and collective sense in other times and places.

  5. I’ve always thought that religion shouldn’t be taught at school, why should a teacher enforce his/her religous veiws on young minds. If a parent wants to teach thier children about religion they could do this at home. I always hated my islamic teacher she seemed ignorant and constantly labelled people as kafur she gave negative energy, which was passed on to some of the kids in my class. i.e. Totally agree on your point

  6. Thanks for your comments everyone 🙂

  7. I’m so agreeing on it and at some frequents got to mention that.. I got sewed for the thought 😛 bt3rafi 63aimeh w f7ais w hek:P kef il nimri ma3ek?

  8. lool let’s just say il irbidawieh mish kteer a7san!

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