Why Smoking Bans Will Be Ignored

When the Parliament, the place where “representatives” of the people create laws , implements a smoking ban, maybe people will start taking this a little more seriously.


14 responses to “Why Smoking Bans Will Be Ignored

  1. ahmad dark 1987

    its as u said

  2. It is even cigar not a cigarette! lol

  3. the funny thing is if they implement a smoking ban inside the parliament, they would bring arageel instead!

  4. Well this is good!Come on aren’t we all used to governmental hypocricy?lol one person per 1.5 meters squared XD that made me laugh, and oddly, they didnt say anything about arageel places.I think this is gonna make jordan a bit worse socially, it’s gonna be similar to England with the stabbings and stuff.

  5. Observer, haha I know!Mab3oos, probably!Saed, I don’t think argeeleh places would be included, because a lot of places would go bankrupt if they were. Methinks the only way we can become a less stressed out society is if they allowed weed..

  6. LolUmmm suuureee… you do know that whoever wants weed probably has easy ways to get it right?Legal or illegal, if our people are stressed and miserable, weed will only bring forth those feelings, not make them artists all of a sudden or suddenly open their minds.Weed brings out what’s in you, half of out country isn’t opressed by the goverment but more opressed by the people’s social actions and values that stop them from doing things and stuff like that.I think our country’s problem revolves around independence.They need a different upbringing that involved independence and less tribal stupidity [no offence], not weed.

  7. Plus, even if weed did actually discharge all the negative energy in our people (and that’s one hell of a poopload of negative energy), it can’t be guaranteed that people won’t get over-excited and stop working and screw the country over you know?You know how our country’s people are (not all of them, but most), they can’t wait til something happens such that they can actually have some fun.Weed would become something to have fun with the entire time, which will effectively lead to the abuse of marijuana [weed].Let alone the extremist idiots accepting freedom. Oh Please 😛

  8. I was mostly kidding about the weed hehe

  9. LOL what kind of lame peice of shit gets a cigar to a meeting, it’s not even his private office. He just smokes in the meeting room hahahha such a lil dork, he can’t even pull it off hahahaa..

  10. Once I really ticked of the guy who takes money at the electric company. He was sitting behind a glass window which had a sign right above his head that said, “No Smoking.” After he took my money and I got a receipt, very smart on my part, I told him, “If I had a camera I would take your picture.” He seemed intrigued with this and then I pointed to the sign and said, “There you are smoking right under the no smoking sign.” Boy was he embarassed.

  11. Nicole, I think people ought to create a website where they can post pictures of hypocritical people in positions. Like that guy smoking, some policeman making an illegal turn, etc. Something to embarass the hell out of them.

  12. yakhtee 3lieh ma alazzo, yamm ma sar2 masaree el sha3ab!

  13. w cigar kaman!!!

  14. At New York’s 1975 World Conference on Smoking and Health, Antismoking activists were told that to fully eliminate smoking it would first be essential to “create an atmosphere in which it was perceived that activesmokers would injure those around them, especially their family and any infants or young children..”–Huber, Comsumers Research Magazine. 04/92

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