After Doubling Ministers’ Salaries, PMs to Receive a JD2000 Raise

I think what surprises me the most is that I continue to be surprised at what can only be described as pure corruption. Not an ounce of decency left. Not so much as simple reservation or consideration towards the average citizen suffering to make ends meet.
About a week ago, a recommendation to raise Parliament Members salaries from JD2500 to JD4500 was approved. This took place during a meeting between Lower House Speaker Abdul Hadi Majali and Prime Minister Nader Dahabi, who not only approved it, but encouraged it as well. But such a raise, if instated, is suspected to be faced with objection from the majority of the members.
This is because Parliament members who are eligible to a pension before having become a member of the Parliament can combine both their pension and the member’s salary, which definitely amounts to more than JD4500. This is applicable to about 75 members- those who reached retirement from previous jobs. With the rest feeling all left out, the government sees this raise, provided that combining the salaries is no longer allowed, as a solution to those feelings of hostility and resentment among parliament members, resulting from the “whose salary is higher” complex. This “solution” will cost an extra 1 million JDs, paid for by janabna, the taxpayers.
Getting elected into the parliament is quite the lucrative business. Not only do they receive two huge salaries, one of which encounters a raise at least twice a year (last raise was in June), but they also receive university scholarships, an exemption from duty tax, which they can sell, and a quota for Hajj. And for what? Working a maximum of 5 months a year for 4 years (mostly spent fighting with one another).
And if you haven’t heard already, the ministers of the new government have doubled their salaries from JD1500 to JD3000.

We should all be mad as hell. And we shouldn’t take this shit anymore.


2 responses to “After Doubling Ministers’ Salaries, PMs to Receive a JD2000 Raise

  1. ahmad dark 1987

    as abu mahjoob says: hala 3ami

  2. It’s just so brazen, so MUCH! @@

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