Against Cyber Censorship: Why I Will Continue to Speak

Reading Naseem’s post really got me thinking. People continue to ask me about why I insist on writing on subjects that are considered controversial or somewhat sensetive (i.e. anything that relates to criticizing officials and the such). Just yesterday I was warned by family members that I need to be more careful about what I write, because there can be dire concequences, and that it’s just not worth it. That it’s pointless.

But it’s not pointless. Not for me. Everybody knows there can be dire consequences and we are all reminded of that very often. But we HAVE to say something because otherwise we’re basically pretending to live in this bubble where everything is okay and it’s not. There can be no progress whatsoever if people are unable to criticize whatever it is that determines their lives. How can you NOT speak out when you’re not okay with how things are decided for YOU?

β€œWe are at a point where the state isn’t being tested to the extent of which it should when it comes to free speech online, and those boundaries need to be pushed. As Jordanians, we should be taking the opportunity to use the net in a manner that allows us to critically analyze our country from a political, economic, social and cultural perspective – constantly.”

And that’s why I will continue to speak out. I don’t mean you should go on bashing people but how about we start thinking about how our lives are being run? We are lucky that we have the opportunity to speak. And we should use it.


8 responses to “Against Cyber Censorship: Why I Will Continue to Speak

  1. speak on!

  2. Your voice is needed, keep using it!

  3. YOU TELL EM FARAH! IM GONNA GO PUT MY CURSE WORD BACK ON!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜› (do you think I should?)Anyway on a serious note, I agree 100%, if you were a liberty movement leader I would follow :)Great post πŸ™‚

  4. What’s the point of a blog if I’m supposed to censor my views on Jordan ?! I’m a Jordanian who’s sick and tired of all the bullcrap that’s going on in Jordan, why should I hide in the bubble of “Arabism” ? People say “censor”, I say “bitch, bitch, bitch!”

  5. I would rather say everyone (independent of their points of view and their political correctness or lack thereof) should speak up on issues that are important to them – and your voice is highly appreciated.

  6. Thank you everybody for your comments. I really appreciate the support πŸ™‚

  7. Right on!My husband and I fight about this sometimes, with him insisting that my activism and speaking is a waste of time because nothing changes. But he’s wrong. Yeah, our actions and voices may not manage to do a heck of a lot, but if you refuse to try, refuse to do anything, then things will most definitely stay the same.

  8. Exactly. Thank you πŸ™‚

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