Becoming A Cynic

Usually I would spend a minimum of an hour a day reading up on newspapers online from alghad to ammon and so on. But lately I haven’t been in the mood at all. Lately everytime I open the homepage of the news site, I’d just get frustrated and exit. I’m so sick of politics and I’m beginning to believe it’s not the way to change anything around here. I wouldn’t even know where to start. I don’t know what’s the way to change anything around here. I’m becoming more and more pessimistic everyday.

I didn’t expect to become a cynic so soon.


10 responses to “Becoming A Cynic

  1. Jordan can do that to you, people are thick-headed, overly close-minded [wonder due to what…? [hint: other brainwashing tool other than media and fashion]shame eh? :\Don’t give up!!


  3. but yo ucan join my passive-aggressive rebellion.:P

  4. HAHA okay!

  5. No democracy = no change, no chance for progress, no social justice, no end to status quo.

  6. Politics will always be politics. Now activism is the way, you don’t like something, do something about it. Start a website, write in your blog, publish a book.It would definitely take you more than half an hour a day, but will save you hundreds of hours through the year being frustrated over politicians and their games.

  7. Amino, i beg to differ. starting a blog is a good way to air your frustrations but it will never bring about change. Change can only take place at the policy level. Without democracy, you will have no say in policy making. You get to watch Jordan stagnate and then you will do like tens of thousands of Jordanian do every year, get a visa to anywhere and migrate. Blogging can get you in trouble if you wish to be honest about the problems. So you end up tiptoeing along with dozens of other bloggers and nothing gets accomplished. none of you has policy making powers. And those who do will go on destroying Jordan without being held accountable to the people of Jordan. So long as the US protects the the corrupt and sings their praise, we will be back to square zero again and again.

  8. I feel the same way about the news in general, but I no longer let tragic events of the world determine how I’m going to live my days.

  9. Join the club 🙂

  10. I’m glad you have finally realized that. I think you should substitute by reading useful books. Or any book at all. or just simply read the entertainment section!

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