Stop Getting So Offended

Ah, just another boycott, this time against Alghad newspaper. I woke up today to find several invitations to a facebook group calling for the boycott of Alghad for publishing the Imad Hajjaj cartoon shown here.

[Cartoon shows Abu Mahjoob welcoming and baptizing Tony Blaire with filthy water in the baptism site, with the minister of water on the other side announcing that the contaminated waters did not affect the drinking water and were rerouted to the Jordan River.]

The cartoon spurred the catholic union to send a letter to Alghad’s editor denouncing the cartoon because of the “hurtful insinuations it carries that offend not only Christians, but every good-willed citizen”, also mentioning that this isn’t the first time they’ve been offended by a Hajjaj cartoon.

This in turn caused Hajjaj to post a clarification on his website, that the caricature was not in any way a mockery of Christians or their traditions, but a sarcastic commentary of how the minister of water and irrigation announced that the water contaminated by Israel was disposed of in the Jordan river just a few days after the opening of the baptism center with Tony Blair attending the ceremony.

هذا الرسم لا يستهدف من قريب أو بعيد الإساءة للديانة المسيحية وأتباعها. ومن المهم هنا التأكيد على القضية الأساسية التي يبرزها الكاريكاتير وهو إعلان وزير المياه أن جميع المياه الملوثة قد تم التخلص منها في نهر الأردن بعد أيام من تدشين معمودية مغطس نهر الأردن بحضور السيد توني بلير. أي أن حل مشكلة التلوث كان بتلويث النهر المقدس الذي يتعمد فيه الحجاج المسيحيين من كل العالم، وهذا ما يرفضه رسام الكاريكاتير شكلا وموضوعا.
The cartoon was posted yesterday and already 3 groups have been created calling for boycotting the newspaper and Imad Hajjaj, created by people who, I’m sure, have no idea of the underlying meaning of the cartoon. The sensitivity of people when it comes to anything bordering religion is unbelievable. You do not object the fact that what you regard as a holy site is being pumped with sewage but a cartoon offends you? Seriously save your energy and outcries for bigger things, like oh I don’t know, drinking sewage and radiation infested water.

[On a completely unrelated note, this is the 100th post on this blog!]


6 responses to “Stop Getting So Offended

  1. Well, unfortunately. We still have to live with all these ideas.Although I still don’t understand any relevant religious insult that this post contained. cause all I could understand is that he was actually attacking the reckless people who actually are destroying this country. The only problem is that many people will take this issue seriously and will raise the problem to become a regional one. I bet most of them will not even read the caricature, and will be satisfied with igniting the anger of Jordanians.Irrelevant of course to my previous comment… Alf Mabrook. you’re now officially a pro Blogger

  2. Ahmad Hamdan

    First cogratulayion in your 100 postsecond this is really a problem with us we get offended by silly thing that have no harm or whatever to anyperson or religion yet when it comes to the true deal we do what we like to do ignore, some times i realy hate the fact that we have known facebook in jordan because i rearely see it used for a good cause, we care to attack people who attacks some stupid singer or an artist who draws great pictures than to care about our own problems

  3. The Observer

    I always say it, we need not only call for more tolerance but also for less sensitivity as well!

  4. LOL … I guess it only applies when its your religion that you think is getting offended. I couldn’t help but comment that both tha2ir and ahmad hamdan are some of the people that are first to comment about an issue that offends islam (when it sometimes not the case) and they are here saying that its an over reaction. I don’t get it.

  5. Bambam, that’s true, I wouldn’t have been able to candidly say my opinion if I weren’t. I wouldn’t know about the commnetators’ opinions, but I sure hope that’s not true.

  6. Bambam: I guess that’s part of any person, as with anyone else, you will try to defend your values and beliefs and treat other values with a sort of doubt, I consider myself a practicing Muslim, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t get angry too when I hear some overreactions to certain issues that some radicals try to attack other people with.

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