Arab Stand-up Comedy!

Apologies about the lack of blogging, people, I’ve been kind of busy with midterms and the such. But check this out. After the huge success of the Axis of Evil comedy tour, Showtime put together Minority Rules, a stand-up comedy show of Arab comics. I’m posting a couple of my favorites.

Here’s a video of Egyptian Ronnie Khalil describing the stages of “ya lahwi” that Egyptian women experience!

And this is one of Wonho Chung. Yup, Won Ho. LOL. Wonho is a South-Korean who’s lived in Jordan all his life. So i’m guessing it’s part of our genetic structure then, that we are unable to breed funny people.

h/t: Laura


3 responses to “Arab Stand-up Comedy!

  1. Farah walek the only thing good about ONE HOE is that he speaks arabic! I was skimming through his videos yesterday on youtube, there’s this funny shit called “2 snap”, check it out. Other than that, his act is umm, yeah, meh!Good luck with your mid-terms 🙂 I’m done! Muhaha!

  2. Shadz, well yeah that’s what’s so funny about it! Thanks for the “good luck”. I just have one more exam left… but then again in two weeks we’ll have a whole batch of exams so ya. Good luck to you too 🙂

  3. To me I think the guy ronnie, with small r, should be ashamed of himself, no dignity and no self respect. Stupid – typical Adel Imam and Mohammad Sa’d alike typical performance.. for auditory that knows nothing about our cultures and came to know through ths shitty performance anything about it..

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