Good Blogger. Nice Blogger.

Exploring the weird species that is bloggers.


7 responses to “Good Blogger. Nice Blogger.

  1. Fugly Duckly

    Herd Mentality!? What the heck is this guy smoking!Looking at their faces turned my stomach! They’re fuglier than I expected. I guess that’s why they’re really blogging. Cause they can’t dateBloggers are fugly lamers! LOUD fugly herd as mr dumb with a master’s degree said

  2. Yet you’re spending your time commenting on a BLOGGER’S post. Aren’t you the coolest!

  3. really nice. It’s good to put faces to the names we keep on hearing and reading for on the Jordanian blogging sphere.

  4. I really didn't watch that, the video format is very annoying where did you get it from? :\anyway OMGLOLZWTFBBQ>.>

  5. Saed, annoying why? It’s the same as youtube.

  6. clicked on it and it took a while to load the first frame then froze.That’s a pretty damn good excuse, now I’m not gonna watch it 😀

  7. Ta7sheeesh 😀

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