I don’t know whose brilliant idea this originally was, but someone on Twitter started posting their #Top50Jo or the top reasons they love Jordan, and it took off. Even Queen Rania pitched in! I loved the idea because we always complain about living here but forget the reasons we love it so much. So here’s my top 50, some of them from other Tweeps:
  1. MANSAF!
  2. Emad Hajjaj’s Abu Mahjoob
  3. Souk Jara in the summer
  4. Antique jewelry from souk jara
  5. Sunsets in the dead sea
  6. How we can have snowless snow days!
  7. How everyone watches JTV only when it snows and you can’t get any other channels
  8. How Mohammad al-Wakeel’s show is our equivalent of the Oprah show
  9. How EVERYONE talks about whatever cold front is coming
  10. Hummus and Fool on Friday mornings
  11. How you can bargain prices at local stores
  12. Ka3ek with za’atar, eggs and spread cheese!
  13. Local Jordanian bands like Jadal
  14. How people start dancing like crazy in weddings whenever they put on national songs like “ya beiragna”!
  15. Our beautiful weather. we get all four seasons!
  16. Shawerma
  17. Delicious summer fruits
  18. How everyone you meet knows someone you know
  19. How everyone has an “uncle” who’s high up in the government
  20. That our Queen has YouTube and Twitter. and actually contributed her #Top50Jo
  21. That you can complain to the mayor @MayorOfAmman on Twitter
  22. How everyone gets together in happy as well as sad occasions
  23. 5 piaster popsicles in the summer or “Eskimo”
  24. Ras il abed!
  25. Cups and Kilos
  26. The smell of jasmine in early summer mornings
  27. How we combine the best of the east and the best of the west. We have falafel, and we have Sugardaddy cupcakes!
  28. 1 JD DVDs from the Balad
  29. Cab drivers. Love ’em or hate ’em, Jordan wouldn’t be the same without them!
  30. How every place in Jordan delivers. From McDonalds to Argeeeleh places
  31. How you get coerced into eating till you pass out at 3azaiem (feasts)
  32. How guys are prepared to get into fights in defense of “their” football team
  33. How everyone has a mobile phone, from CEOs to housemaids
  34. Ramadan atmosphere
  35. Walking in Amman
  36. The view from Jabal Amman
  37. How you can buy newspapers/flowers/gum/plasters at the traffic light
  38. The view of the King Hussein Mosque at night
  39. Balad sights and sounds
  40. How we don’t acknowledge maps or street names. It’s always next to some place you know!
  41. Street cats!
  42. How you don’t need to go to the car-wash. The 7ares across the street will wash it for you for a small fee
  43. How older men with mustaches and a frown are considered prestigious
  44. how our streets flood every time it rains
  45. How you can have a tab at the local mini-market
  46. How every health issue is attributed to low B12 levels
  47. How it doesn’t matter how old you are, there will always be someone to tell you to put on a jacket when it’s cold outside
  48. “Dora” or corn cob carts
  49. Sha3er banat or cotton-candy sellers with their harmonicas
  50. Barbecues with family and friends in the summer

Roba’s compilation

Naseem’s tweet digest


11 responses to “#Top50Jo

  1. (Oh it's posted here too >.>)This list really made me smile. :)Love you Jordan!

  2. Nice list, @shusmo started it 🙂

  3. Sade, hehe ya my facebook imports from here :)Fawzi, yes he sent me a DM informing me 🙂

  4. did you notice that many are related to food 😉 and i agree, this is something that is good about jordan.and, a few of these things could be things i hate about jordan!the thing is that, why do we always have to talk about our love to jordan/amman. this is a symptom of the fact that we always need to remind ourself of the good things because life is not that great here. when you try so much, things loose their meaning, just let it be.

  5. Hmm Anon…You have a good point. But then again, it's good to remember to focus on the good things in life, which in turn could help you improve the good in the bad surrounding.I don't believe that they lose their meanings, bil3aks, you realize that those things really create a sort of GOOD identity in Jordan rather than the bad things that a lot of peopl complain about the entire time.

  6. Anon, ya a lot of them have to do with food, but seriously the food is so good! :)I disagree with you as to the other part. Jordanians constantly complain about living here, till they go abroad and start remembering and missing all the wonderful things that make Jordan home to them, so this trend was to remind us all, that despite all the crappy things we encounter, Jordan is a pretty awesome place to live in. I don't think it's trying too hard, my bad to good posts ratio about living in Jordan are is probably 5:1!

  7. Welcome to wordpress! 🙂

  8. Thanks Kinzi! 🙂

  9. Great list!! =D
    Not to mention the Bethoven music the gas trucks play non-stop, doubt you’ll find that anywhere else in the world! 😛

  10. Jordan! where I spent the happiest time of my life!

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