Amman’s Nonexistent Sidewalks

Reading this NY-Times article and this article by Ahmad Humeid brought this issue to mind, one that is extremely annoying, but I think after all these years we all found a way to get accustomed to it: our sidewalks. They really are horrendous, and are designed for anything BUT walking. I truly came to notice it yesterday as I walked the streets of Amman with the Fastwalk group. Normally we would skip the sidewalk and walk on the street when faced with an obstacle, but yesterday with all the streets flooded in water -must discuss ineffective drainage systems in another post- we had no choice but literally jump over whatever was blocking the sidewalk – in instances where there was one. You can imagine how convenient that was.

I must say, like Ahmad previously mentioned, I don’t get why this issue hasn’t been taken care of already. I understand we don’t exactly harbor a pedestrian culture, but our sidewalks and our streets are a reflection of the city’s image, and they should not be neglected. And it wouldn’t take that much money to fix it. Sometimes I wish some important official would come walking with us, I imagine all the sidewalks would be fixed the next day.

And after sidewalks are properly constructed, serious fines should be imposed on anyone who would place any obstructions: from giant piles of dirt to a car. Sidewalks are not storage areas nor parking spaces.

With all the great work the Municipality has been doing, I hope this becomes one of their priorities.


9 responses to “Amman’s Nonexistent Sidewalks

  1. Well I must say I agree to some extent. Yes, the sidewalks in Amman are for anything but walking but I can’t say that the Municipality isn’t doing anything to improve them, as I witnessed a major makeover of a couple of my neighbors’ sidewalks. They used to be forested with trees and shrubs before the government intervened. So I can say this is a step forward.

    P.S. Great to see you’re back to blogging. =)

  2. Yazan, What good news to hear! You should post some pictures of the progress so we can encourage more!

  3. Well thats why im looking forward to Abdali, because it looks like its all pedestrian friendly 🙂

  4. Yazan, you’re right but still more work needs to be done. Then again I do tend to see the glass half empty 😉

    Aliman, I sure hope so…

  5. You should come see the sidewalks in Dubai. They don’t exist!

  6. I reached this blog by accident, but I found that has a very interesting content. Good job. A greeting.

  7. well I reached this blog by coincidence as I was about to start a blog with similar name (great minds think alike =D ).. and I totally agree with you … and I have to point out another thing for the streets that has sidewalks .. which we face during walking those sidewalks that are planted … I don’t mind how the adorable looks of the trees but they totally misuse the side walks .. we are forced to walk on the streets cause those trees just invades the whole area !

  8. Hi! I think we go to the same uni, your name sounds awfully familiar. So if you go to GJU, howdy 🙂

  9. well you are in my uni .. thats great to know .. I thought most of the ladies in GJU are too busy to think about politics or our community’s issues (such a harsh stereotype I know) but am amazed by the work you got in there … 😀 keep up the good work Colleague 😉

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