Germany: Coming Soon

Sitting outside enjoying the cool Ammani breeze we have not experienced for a while, I realize I am really going to miss this place.You see next week, I will shipping off to Germany for a year as part of the GJU program.

I have to say I’m really excited about going, and well, it’s about time for a change. It’s a great opportunity to become independent, improve my German, work in Europe among many many other wonderful experiences.

But for now, a tribute to all the things I’m going to miss:

1) The weather. Not the 40’s weather from hell we experienced last week, but more like this week’s weather. Over there it basically rains in the summer and snows in the winter.

2) The food. Oh the food. I can write entire posts about the food. Mansaf, Mlookhieh, Msakhan, Tabbooleh, Koosa o Wara2, Shawerma, Falafel. How will I survive without you? You might say “but you can surely cook there”, but you would be sadly mistaken as my culinary skills amount to those of a 10 year-old.

3) My bed. I wish I could ship it with me.

4) Driving. Well, certain parts of driving.

5) Not having to do the cleaning and the laundry and the such. We always had someone to help around the house so I never HAD to do it. My mother on the other hand is totally ecstatic about that. It amuses her.

6) And last but not least, my family and friends. I guess the feeling of going away makes you realize just how much you will miss everyone, regardless of how often you feel you might kill them. Another advantage of going away!

I bid thee farewell, Jordan!


3 responses to “Germany: Coming Soon

  1. Gute reise, schatze ;). Werde fuer dich beten, tagliche.

    I can’t believe it, except that I can, about the cooking and cleaning bit.

    There are Arab markets in major cities you can buy the stuff to make your favorites, and if you need help learning, check out Mimi Cooks blog, she has videos on how to prepare it.

    I bet you will start blogging more for therapy. I hope you can get connected to a good church, the older youth groups are great at service projects and fun events.

  2. Hope the move went well 🙂 . The first taste of independence is always the best. Have fun!

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