Random Rant of the Day

It seriously bugs me how there are no movie theatres that show movies in their original language. Everything is dubbed into German. And I can’t download torrents or so as my internet connection is monitored by the dorm, and they will block my connection if I do so.

I want to watch “Despicable Me”. And “The Social Network”. And while we’re at it, who shut down Ninja Video?

Also why does it give me a red line every time I write “movie”? Movie is still a word, no?

I’m off. Have a good day y’all!


4 responses to “Random Rant of the Day

  1. Pssst… hint from an ex-Germany student, ask around your dorm for someone who knows what DC++ is and whether anyone is running a server. Keep it on the low-down though, dorm management doesn’t have to (and couldn’t) know.

  2. Why hello, ex-Germany student and fellow GJU-an. Thanks for the tip! What city where you at?

  3. I was in Bonn, Germany’s smallest big town. Have fun in Jena!

  4. basel Nabulsi

    use this, no need to download

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