On Censorship and Typical Jordanian Aversion to Logic

The government is considering applying a censorship on pornographic websites. For me, I find the whole idea of internet censorship ridiculous to begin with unless you’re using it to protect small children from inadvertently accessing inappropriate content (like say googling “swallow” in search of the bird and getting horrified for life). Other than that, unless you’re planning to raise them in a bubble, they will eventually come across porn (intentionally or not). The best you can hope for is that they are actually convinced that porn is bad for them. Before the internet, guys usually got their porn from Balad vendors probably. Maybe this would boost the economy, eh? The point is, immorality, as they call it, is not the result of the internet.

That is besides the actual impossibility of blocking the internet, with all the proxy websites that are designed to bypass the blocks. Even if the proxy websites themselves are blocked, one can subscribe to a mailing list which mails you a constantly updated list of proxies, so by the time one is shut down, a new one pops up. What censorship pretty much does is inconvenience.

Different people have different opinions, which is why censorship is a matter that should be left to the person/family/organization to decide. Why should a governmental institution be given the power to decide what is deemed to be acceptable content? By what standards or criteria would whatever committee responsible filter out the content? Will Flickr be deemed inappropriate? How about Wikipedia articles regarding sex? Deviant Art? Dating websites? Who’s to say that this wont spread to political websites? In Saudi and UAE, blocked websites actually do include some Wikipedia pages and Flickr.

The obvious solution would be for concerned families/individuals to pick out the parental control scheme they are comfortable with. Orange Jordan provides parental control plan. There’s a whole list of categories which you can choose from (and you can even submit new suggestions to your own list).

All of the above, however, is irrelevant, since the government is actually doing this in response to a campaign by citizens who want to block these websites. The Facebook page “for closing down pornographic websites” has about 18000 likes. And if you ask your average Jo on the street, they will most likely be with the campaign. The very fact of the matter is, it’s not citizens vs. government when it comes to censorship. The average citizen does want censorship.

So all your logical arguments are simply pointless. If the average citizen wants to encapsulate themselves in a bubble of sanctimonious morality, how are you to argue with that? The thing is, if porn really was the only thing holding us from immorality, I’d be the first one campaigning. But this is a society that favors blocking porn, and then goes off to harass its women on the streets. Long live hypocrisy.

-Check out this link for statistics (old but valid nonetheless).


2 responses to “On Censorship and Typical Jordanian Aversion to Logic

  1. Gov’ts need to pick their battles and this should not be one of them. Well written post dude.

  2. Haven’t been ‘duded’ in a while. Haha thanks

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