Futuristic Jordan

Forget all the politics for a while. Forget all the news about acquitting people so corrupt, that giving back 700 million JD back while keeping their god-knows-how-expensive Dabouq mansion is considered a settlement. Forget that the legislative bodies over the years, elected by a rigged electoral system, only accomplish awarding themselves diplomatic passports, raises or lifelong pensions. Forget that every project that would’ve had the potential of improving quality of life had been cancelled after spending a couple of millions. Forget that almost every piece of Jordanian land or resource is being sold for peanuts with the elite capitalizing on the crumbs. Forget that the journalists either get detained or paid off so you don’t even know if what you read in the newspapers is true, made up or half the story. Forget that the youth are being taught that nationalism and patriotism are connected to religious conservatism or a mere display of meaningless chants and empty slogans. Forget all that.

The fact of the matter is, in a couple of years, there will be no water delivered to the houses. The streets will run out of spaces for the ever-growing population of cars. Overpopulation is going to make the people poorer, more conservative and less educated. We will probably have planned blackouts every couple of hours. Inflation will continue increase at an exponential rate. 

But hey, that’s just the cynic talking. If you have another point of view, please share it. I really do want to change my mind. 


4 responses to “Futuristic Jordan

  1. Funny how it was just this morning I googled “future of Jordan”, hoping I would find something to feed my own dwindling optimism. Water and energy should be the main focus of our government. Solar heaters as well as residential rainwater wells should be made obligatory. Alternative energy solutions, including nuclear and renewables are necessary to provide us with cheap energy for seawater desalinization – the only practical solution left for our water needs. At these rates of progress however, I doubt anything will be accomplished.

  2. Missed reading your wise and powerful posts. Looking forward for more. Anyway… The thing is, I highly doubt that leaders could be so ignorant about such a matter. It is just so hard to believe. I smell pants on fire and secrets somewhere. I don’t know what it is, and I won’t make assumptions, but I just havd to point it out.

  3. Missed your comments as well! Do you still blog? And no, they’re not ignorant to the matters. And that’s not even a secret anymore.

  4. Nope, thinking about starting to blog again though 🙂 This Germany experience really makes you think, huh? Honestly, and to think my aunt was like “oh be careful it’s not safe there bla bla culture bla bla”. I feel safer than in my own country. I can’t put my finger on it.

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